The Organization of Iranian People's Fedaian (Majority)

Joint Statement

Invitation for active participation

in the worldwide day of support for human rights in Iran

In a joint statement, human rights activists and organisations have declared 25 July, 2009 as the worldwide day of support for human rights in Iran. On 25 July, the human rights activists and organisations will rally to express the international solidarity with the Iranian people in their fight for civil rights.
While the ruling circles in Iran try to suppress the Iranian fighters for liberty, democracy and justice in silence, to mute the voices of protests behind the walls of prisons and to prevent the world’s public from receiving information about the events in Iran by limiting and blocking the flow of information and by creating an atmosphere of terror in the country, the call for action issued by human rights activists and organisations is an appropriate opportunity to throw the light on how the Iranian rulers deal with their critics and to reflect the voice of protest by the Iranian people all over the world.
Since 12 June, 2009, the Iranians abroad have shown unprecedented support and solidarity in their efforts for reflecting the protest movement of the people in Iran against the Iranian regime. During the last weeks, freedom-loving Iranians and the engaged Iranian youth have organised gatherings and demonstrations with up to thousands participants in Paris, Cologne, Berlin, Frankfurt, London, Stockholm, New York, Los Angeles, Copenhagen, The Hague, Brussels and other cities, thereby attracting the attention of international organisations, the media and the world’s public opinion to the events in Iran and the ongoing fight against the dictatorship in Iran.
The 25th of July is a good opportunity to continue with the actions undertaken so far and to take initiatives which will improve the efficiency of our campaign for the solidarity of the international public and the international institutions and for increasing the pressure on governments. On 25th of July, we can inform the international organisations and governments all over the world that the Iranian regime has no legitimacy and that the Iranian people want and fight for a change. We expect the world to support the Iranian people’s fight, condemn the Islamic Republic of Iran for human rights violations in Iran and demand the unconditional release of all political prisoners. Our expectation is justified and in accordance with humanity. But we will only experience the solidarity of millions if the world’s public is better informed about the truth in Iran and what the Iranian people suffers from. Peoples all over the world must know that the peaceful movement of Iranians for their human and social rights is being responded to with brutality, imprisonment, torture and bullets. People all over the world have to know that Neda Agha-Soltan, Sohrab A’arabi, Shillar Kehzri, Kianoosh Asa, Ya’ghoob Barvayeh and others were not killed by accident or by irresponsible members of the Basij militia, but were murdered in the execution of the orders issued by Ali Khamenei, the supreme leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran. These crimes were committed to bring the protest movement and to terrorise the Iranian people, especially the youth.
The 25th of July is a good opportunity for us to join the masses of protesters and to call on all human beings that all of us are part of one human body, and, to say it with Sa’adi, the Iranian poet, “if one part of the body suffers pain, all other parts are in unrest.”
Regardless where we will be, we will raise our voice on the 25th of July to express our common demands. We are sure that the future belongs to the fighters for freedom.

Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan
Kumalah Party of Iranian Kurdistan
Organisation of the United Iranian People’s Fedaian
Organisation of the Iranian People’s Fedaian (Majority)
Provisional Council of the Iranian Left Socialists
Coordination Council of the Movement of Iranian Democratic and Laic Republicans

22 July 2009